3 of the best view of Mt.Fuji in Kawaguchiko

Kawaguchiko is the town of Mt.Fuji and lake Kawaguchiko.

Mt.Fuji can be seen from anywhere in the town.

These 3 places of the best view of Mt.Fuji have special view.

1. Lake side in front of fishing boat shop Hawaii

First best view place is lake side in front of boat shop Hawaii.

A combination of Mt.Fuji and lake Kawaguchiko and wide scenery is beautiful.

There is walking trail on the lake side, so you can enjoy walking or running seeing this view.

2.Tenkuu no torii Kawaguchi Asama shrine

Second best view place is Tenku no torii of Kawaguchiko Asama shrine.

A combination of the Torii gate and Mt.Fuji have divine beauty.

This place is a part of Kawaguchi Asama shrine, a place to pray from a distance.

Tenkuu no torii is about 30min walk, 5-10min by car from Kawaguchi Asama shrine.

In the winter season, road to the Tenkuu no torii is icy, so snow tire is necessary and also the road is narrow when the cars pass each other on the road.


3.Konohanasakuya Cafe in Herb Garden Kawaguchiko

Konohanasakuya is a name of goddess of Mt.Fuji in the Japanese mythology.

Konohanasakuya Cafe locates in the Herb Garden Kawaguchiko.

There is viewing deck on the roof of the cafe and cafe locates on the 2nd floor.

To enter the cafe and viewing deck, admission fee 500JPY/ adult, 300JPY/child is necessary.

view from Sakuyakonohana Cafe
view from the viewing deck on the roof

Mt.Fuji in Kawaguchiko town